secure works est. ,
where information security systems
is not just a system, its an art!.

mission :
our mission is to be one of the best leading information security technology
and artificial intelligence company in kuwait and to give our best quality
services in our field.

Vision :
Kuwait, one of the largest countries in the world economy.
with great Opportunities, kuwait goverment and private sector
now are working with advance level of technology.
hope that we are in that cycle of revelotion and add artificial intelligence

solutions :
we do a custom solution for your company,organization.
wither its a desgin or development.
we design your network that is required for your work, from cabling to hardware and software.
discover if your system , network , website is vulnerable and how to fix it.
monitoring solutions.
footprinting your system and who has got access to it.
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Organizations :
Kuwaiti Democratic Forum.
Association :
kuwait Public Relations Association.
Union of private oil sector.
aldairah group for public relations.
Consortium for Real Estate Development of the League of Arab States.
kuwait national petrolium company.
arabia realstate network group.
arabia collection of funds Network group.
porta-bote kuwait.
zero one.
diva house.

secure works est.
was founded and established in january 2013.
in the past there was a group of free lance people working as a team, from developer , designer and consultant
each one of them was great in his major and making good benefits.
the story began in 1997 when student programmer joined the computer programming olympics under ministry of education
in the lab he found that the network is not secure for privacy, then he got his interests in security major.
in 2002 he met other student programmer, and they've started with each other's on web development.
in 2005 the team grew and established a small company that do web-base applications ...

secure works est.
we target issues that in-real life companies or governments needs and desgin and build.
our top priority is information security, wither its a design or private informations, that
that needs to be protected from others

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biometric systems kuwait first iris,face,vain recognition systems and solutions.
m2sys llc. authorized.
biometric sdk.
biometric enterprise solutions.
biometric hardwares
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